Window Cleaning

To clean your windows, we use the reach and wash method. This involves long reach poles with soft brush attachments that clean the glass thoroughly without scratching the surface. Along these poles, purified water is pumped from our on-board tank to the brush head to enable cleaning.

The key to your windows being cleaned properly is the quality of this water. Ours is put through a vessel containing a special resin that removes almost all the contaminants that you find in normal tap water. We check this daily using a special meter that detects the amount of impurities within the water once it has passed through the resin.

1st Clean Explained: When we take on a new customer, we advise and recommend a 1st clean. On this 1st clean, we use special glass cleaning chemicals that cut through and remove any grease, dirt and grime that has accumulated thus creating like new sparkling windows. We also clean frames and sills for all over clean looking windows.

Maintenance Cleans: Once the 1st clean has been completed, we advise that regular (typically monthly) cleaning takes place. We will clean your windows, frames and sills using our purified water. The pure water we use will detract dust and grime from sticking to the windows. Many customers comment that their windows stay cleaner for longer.


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